Providing critical dental treatment to the needy in Jackson< Macon & Transylvanis Counties of Western North Carolina

We Restore Lives, One Tooth at a Time

In 2003, a coalition of local churches recognized a dire need in our Appalachian community — the need for medical and dental care for those who cannot afford it. They pitched in and rented a medical/dental van for an intensive, three-day free clinic. At the end of those three days, hundreds of dental patients still had to be turned away, many in tears. Clearly, something more would have to be done.

Today, the dream of those founding churches has been realized in the form of the Blue Ridge Free Dental Clinic, now in a permanent location in Cashiers, North Carolina. The Clinic provides high quality restorative dental care to hundreds of needy patients each year from the surrounding tri-county area, many of whom have never seen the inside of a dentist’s office.

From the elderly couple who were gradually starving to death because they couldn't chew solid food, to the 52-year-old man who had suffered a dental-infection-induced heart attack and was so poor he was living in a tent, to the domestic violence victim who had most of her teeth kicked out by her abusive ex-husband, many patients arrive at the Clinic in crisis. Those same patients see the downward spiral of their lives reversed by the professional services and compassion we provide. They leave the Clinic not only in better dental health, but also extremely grateful for the chance to lead a normal life. Read some of their incredibly moving stories and the heartfelt thank you letters we receive from them.

The Blue Ridge Free Dental Clinic relies on the selfless dedication of volunteer dental professionals, staff and Board members, and the generous support of a caring community. Although we make the most of every dollar, there are many more people in desperate need of our services — please make a donation today and help us give someone less fortunate the life-changing gift of a healthy, pain-free smile.

Blue Ridge Mountains Health Project, Inc. is a registered not-for-profit organization with federal 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. All donations are tax deductible.

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Quick Facts About Our Clinic

  • The Clinic is the only source for low-income, uninsured persons to receive vital restorative dental care in a three-county area of Western North Carolina.
  • Our dentists are fully licensed and provide all of their professional services free of charge.
  • The Clinic is supported by the generous donations of local churches, foundations and caring individuals. We do not depend on government support for continuing operations.
  • Each dollar donated translates into three dollars of dental services for our patients.
  • Patients must provide proof of legal residency and income before any services are rendered.
  • During 2015, the Clinic:
    • Treated 494 patients through 1,080 patient visits
    • Performed 3,291 procedures with a market value of $650,379, including 633 comprehensive exams, 1,033 x-rays, 487 fillings, 806 extractions, 25 root canals, 156 cleanings and 69 prosthetics such as full dentures or partials
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Receiving desperately needed dental care can be a life-changing event for our patients.

Stories of Hope and Renewal

Our patients come to us in the most dire of circumstances, feeling depressed, hopeless, humiliated and in severe pain. Once their dental health and smiles are restored, they can face the world with confidence. Read stories of patients whose lives have been transformed by the Free Dental Clinic.

Every dollar donated to the clinic is put to use serving the patients.

Making Every Dollar Count

For every dollar donated, the Clinic generates three dollars worth of restorative dental health procedures for our patients. Read our current and past newsletters for a closer look at the Clinic's operations.

The Tooth Fairies help the clinic with community awareness, outreach programs and fundraising activities.

Meet the Tooth Fairies

Both kids and adults love our Tooth Fairies! Find out how these whimsical creatures help the Clinic with community outreach and fundraising activities.