Top 5 Dental Problems in Adults

Brushing your teeth regularly, daily flossing, healthy diet, regular control of your teeth are among the most effective methods of preventing dental problems. However, despite these preventive measures, there are a number of dental problems, the most common being: gingivitis, halitosis, caries, orthodontic problems, aesthetic and tooth loss. Gingivitis This problem occurs because of plaque … Read moreTop 5 Dental Problems in Adults

Dental Charity: Something to Smile About

We just received our plaque and 2019 decal for supporting a statewide free dentistry initiative called the Smile Foundation. Started in 2000, the foundation uses donated dental services from dentists and labs to provide free dentistry for those who otherwise would not have access. From the Texas Donated Dental Services (TXDDS) website TXDDS is a … Read moreDental Charity: Something to Smile About