Patient Stories

I’ve been going to my Dentist for over 4 years now and I can tell you that i have no problem at all with my teeth or my dental professional.

Before I started going to this new dentist, my teeth were always yellow and my breath stink. Now after just a few visits and some lessons on how to improve my oral habits at home, I have definitely improved my dental health. The first that I did was make sure to brush after every meal, including lunch. My co-workers would make fun of me for brushing during work but you should have seen the looks on their faces after my teeth started to shine.

The second thing that my Dentist told me to do was make sure that I flossed at least once a day. I don’t like having plaque, bacteria, or tartar in my mouth and especially overnight. By removing the excess food particles from my mouth, I was able to allow my gums to heal and my teeth and enamel to strengthen.

I wasn’t just feeling more confident in my smile, breath, and teeth, but my dentist also noticed that my teeth were a lot more healthier. I didn’t have any cavities anymore and i was happy and proud to be in the dental office.

So just after a few years of good habits, I was able to go from having a smile that I would hide to a smile that I couldn’t stop showing off. My teeth were looking better and I owe it all to my Portland Dentist. He provided me with some great tips and he did an awesome job at our checkups when he was cleaning my teeth and polishing them. If you have any concerns about your oral health then I suggest that you visit a dentist soon.

Thank You Notes to Dentists

Great service, all work was done fast and pain free at a great price, with a friendly studio. I will tell all my friends it was a nice place to get my teeth done.

Robert F

I was really impressed with both the professionalism and the congenial attitudes of all the people at the clinic. I would unhesitatingly recommend their services to anyone requiring any type of dental work.

Robert H

Since I’m here just 11 days, I was able to make four appointments. At each appointment I was treated very nice and I was impressed how professional everyone was. And especially how talented was the doctors being able to do many procedures without anesthesia, that most American doctors normally would do. I highly recommend this place to anyone.

George R

I feel I have come away with not just a nice smile but a happy smile, because it comes with more than just cosmetic dentistry. I have a big part of me back again a natural smile enriched because of all of you. Take care of one another until Garry returns. Your attention to our pain threshold, hygiene, manners and caring, were taken into consideration at all times. We thank you for this.

Mairi O

My experience beginning with receptionists, customer service was exceptional and very enjoyable. All procedures were explained, pre operative screening conducted the dentist and her assistant were outstanding in doing my dental surgery. I will recommend anyone to come here for all of their dental needs.

Ulysses P

Can’t make it any better! Courteous – Professional – Knowledgeable! Best cleaning ever – you should add the words “GENTLE TOUCH” to your name!

John H

Yes I found, service and advice here, very professional and friendly. I have traveled long way to get my teeth work done, was quiet scared at first, but now a 100% confident. I have made the right decision in coming. Thank you so much. Appreciate very much the extra care taken.

William G