Affordable or Free Dentists in Chicago

Orthodontic and Affordable or Free Dentists providers in Chicago. May provide sliding-scale or complementary work for Chicago residents.

Free People’s Dental Clinic

Chicago, IL 60609

General dental care for adults who live in the vicinity of the clinic. Does not accept Public Aid or Kid Care; no charge for services for those without dental insurance. –

Asian Human Services Family Health Center

Chicago, IL 60659

AHS serves everyone who seeks our help, regardless of race or ethnicity. While we continue to deepen our mission with immigrant and refugee communities, all are welcome here. –

Chicago Family Health Center

Chicago, IL 60617
(773) 768-5000

Chicago Family Health Center provides comprehensive primary healthcare for all who seek care and the improvement of the health of the communities we serve by utilizing innovative health solutions. –

Christian Community HC

Chicago, IL 60628
(773) 826-1018

Providing affordable, high-quality health care and supportive services –

Circle Family Health Care

Chicago, IL 60644
(773) 921-8100

From a Christian foundation, Circle Family Healthcare Network strives to enhance the quality of life for individuals and families on Chicago’s West Side by providing an array of whole person medical, behavioral, social and educational services. Services are rendered regardless of gender, race, religious affiliation, ethnicity or financial resource. –

Community Health Partnership of Illinois

Chicago, IL 60606
(312) 795-0000

Over the last four decades, Community Health Partnership of Illinois (CHP), a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), has provided comprehensive, patient-centered primary health care for agricultural workers and families throughout Northern and Central Illinois. In 2008, CHP expanded services to address the health care needs of medically underserved rural communities in the greater Harvard and Mendota, Illinois service areas. –

Friend Family HC, Inc.

Chicago, IL 60615
(773) 434-8600

Friend Family Health Center, Inc. (“Friend Family”) was started with the development of the Friend Family Foundation by Berman and Hannah Friend in the 1930s. Nearly 70 years later, Friend Family applied for and was designated as a federally qualified health center (FQHC) to continue to ensure access to quality care in medically underserved areas. –

Access Community Health Network

Chicago, IL 60606
(708) 756-7384

Access has been on the frontlines of community-based health care. ACCESS provides a continuum of care model that connects patients to health care resources both within and beyond the walls of our 35 federally-qualified health centers (FQHCs). –

Heartland International HC

3436 W Wilson Ave
Chicago, IL 60625
(773) 866-0818

We partner with Alternatives, Inc for therapists that see students at some of our school-based health centers SBHC –

Erie Family Dental Clinic, Inc.

Chicago, IL 60622
(312) 666-3494

Erie now has four oral health centers that offer state-of-the-art dental care to children, pregnant women, and diabetic adults – in a warm and friendly setting. –

Beloved Community Family Wellness Center

Chicago, IL 60621

Our dental clinics are conveniently located at both our Robbins and Halsted (Chicago) locations. We provided the full spectrum of dental services.  –

Lawndale Christian HC

Chicago, IL 60623
(872) 588-3000

Providing quality healthcare starts with medicine, but it includes so much more. Physical health requires taking care of our bodies with fitness and proper nutrition. We also know that spiritual, social and emotional health is just as important in caring for the whole person. –

Near North Health Service Corporation

Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 337-1073

Near North Health Service Corporation’s health centers welcome everyone. We are a sensitive, culturally competent, and patient-centered community health center that empowers individuals through education, disease prevention, and promoting healthy behaviors, regardless of one’s inability to pay. –

PrimeCare Community Health, Inc.

Chicago, IL 60622
(312) 633-5846

Over its 25-year history, PrimeCare has built a community-inspired, nationally recognized health care system that provides comprehensive family medical care at its five accessible locations, including health services for adults, seniors, women and children, as well as prenatal health services, behavioral health counseling, and case management, regardless of patients’ ability to pay. –

Mental Health and Addiction Services

Chicago, IL 60640-7528

Individuals must be eighteen or older, must be diagnosed with a mental illness and may have a co-occurring substance use disorder. People who are homeless, are at risk of becoming homeless, or have a history of homelessness. –

Midwest Dental Group at Mt. Sinai Hospital

Chicago, IL 60608

General dental care for those ages 2 and up. Accepts Public Aid and Kid Care. –

Mile Square Clinic

Chicago, Illinois 60612

Mile Square has health clinics in many neighborhoods to care for families at every stage of life. We care for nearly 18,000 people a year – whether or not they can pay for it. No matter your race, religion, or income, you can get care from one of the most respected health systems in the country. Mile Square makes getting health care as easy and comfortable as possible. –

University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry

Chicago, IL 60612

The University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry is a worldwide leader in oral health education, clinical care and research that is patient-centered and evidence-based, with a foundation in preventive and public health sciences. We are a part of UI Health. –

Chicago Family Health Center

Chicago, IL 60617

Chicago Family Health Center provides comprehensive primary healthcare for all who seek care and the improvement of the health of the communities we serve by utilizing innovative health solutions. –

Division Dental Clinic

Chicago, Illinois 60622

General dental care for those 3 and up. Oral surgeon and pediatric dentist are on staff. Accepts Public Aid and Kid Care. Set fees. –

West Town Clinic

Chicago, IL 60622

Dental care for patients residing in Chicago. Accepts Public Aid and Kid Care; fees are charged on a sliding scale. Patients must be registered through the clinic. –

Illinois Masonic Hospital, Dental Division

Chicago, IL 60657

This is a SLIDING SCALE clinic. The costs for clinic services are based on either your income or they offer type of financial assistance. –

TCA Health Inc.

Chicago, IL – 60628
(773) 995-6300

TCA Health, Inc. is a Federal Qualified Health Center (FQHC) which helps to serve residents of the Altgeld-Murray Development on the Southside of Chicago as well as the surrounding areas: Roseland, Pullman, Dolton, Riverdale, Calumet City. We offer various services here at TCA which include Dental, Pediatrics, WIC, Healthy Start, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Breast Feeding Counseling, Licensed Social Work, and Employment Education services. –